Jesus changes Everything

Experience. renew. Worship.

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The second Sunday of every month, Fremont Presbyterian is hosting a high energy concert and media focused gathering on our campus. Conveniently located across the street from Sacramento State University. Each monthly gathering is a unique and extraordinary experience in a youthful environment where ALL are welcome.

We call this experience, r e N E W.

The passion of r e N E W is Jesus above all else! Our goal is to surrender our lives to Him that He may use us to show His abundant grace and deep love for all of humanity

Our prayer is that all who gather at r e N E W will experience the life altering presence of Jesus.


Upcoming Events


This is renew

what was that song?

Maybe a song you heard moved you. Did it lead you to make a commitment? Perhaps you just want to hear it again!   Listen to each weeks set list in the link below.


What are your Gifts? 

At r e N E W we believe that God makes each one of us unique. He's entrusted us with very specific gifts and talents that were designed specifically to be used for His glory.  That makes us excited! Can we help you use those gifts?  Volunteer with us at our monthly gatherings.  

Want to Give Back?

r e N E W believes there are many ways to give back. God can use us through our time, talents, and resources.   We are excited to see what He is doing in and through YOU! 


Life is hard at times. We get that, and feel the same way at times. You are LOVED and have IMMENSE value to your Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ. If you’re having suicidal thoughts or struggling with depression and anxiety, below is a resource. It will get you in contact with someone who can help. We at reNEW believe it’s OK not to be OK. Tomorrow needs you and JESUS loves EVERYTHING about you!


This is authentic, it cannot be manipulated or manufactured, it is real, it is deep, it is empowering and I would encourage you to come explore it for yourself.
— Briana from Sacramento